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Sole Global Producers, Distributors and Exporters: Africa puzzles,Europe puzzles,Middle East puzzles, America puzzles, Canada puzzles, China puzzles, India puzzles, Australia puzzles and world puzzles Mimimum Order 10,000 Pieces, target market whole sellers, destributors, departmental stores and chain stores in Europe, America, Canada and the world over.
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World puzzles is the pioneer exporters of assorted African art and crafts worldwide, in Uganda with 27 years experience in international trade with bias on African culture and tourism in diversity promotion into the world market. world puzzles  is a member of Uganda Export promotion board, Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Uganda Investment Authority and affiliate member of private sector foundation.

World puzzles exports assorted crafts like, Assorted wooden curving, World puzzles, Africa puzzles, Europe puzzles, U.S.A puzzles, Canada puzzles, China puzzles, Russian puzzles, India puzzles, Australia puzzles, United Arab Emirates puzzles, Qatar puzzles, Kuwait puzzles, Iran puzzles, Iraq puzzles, South Africa puzzles, South Korea puzzles, U.K puzzles, Ireland puzzles, Norway puzzles, Sweden puzzles,   Nigeria puzzles, Botswana puzzles, Libya puzzles, South Sudan puzzles, D.R Congo puzzles, Kenya puzzles Ethiopian puzzles, Namibian puzzles, East African puzzles, COMESA puzzles, SADAC puzzles, Uganda puzzles, Egypt puzzles, Ghana puzzles and all world puzzles, just mention and we shall produce your puzzle.>>>

Have you ever visited the equator? Now is the time, one of the Reasons you should visit Uganda innevitably, and you should also visit the source of the nile, the zoo, mabira forest, one of the largest soft water lake in the world, the hot springs, marchision falls, the Rwenzori mountains of the moon, the Ripon falls and many others.


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Africa Puzzle
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Target Export Market:

We are interested in global multi - international investors established in the areas of products and services Distribution stores worldwide , production Quality experts,
Procurement and chain store suppliers ,skilled and experienced
organisations in wood works, plastics and suppliers to Europe, America ,China , Canada ,south Africa , middle East export markets and the world over of particularly African art and crafts , children games ,puzzle games and Documentaries on arts and crafts ,culture and tourism in diversty promotion into the world Market.

Culture and Tourism

Culture and tourism in diversity promotion into the world market, come and see the only 500 speices of the gorrila remaining on planet earth only in Uganda.welcome to Uganda the pearl of Africa.Uganda Tourism Board

Welcome to Uganda, The Pearl Of Africa

Hot Springs
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